2020 Royal Court

Historic Natchez Tableaux 

2020 Royalty 


Mary Frances Sessions- Queen 

Parents- Tim and Donna Sessions 

William Joseph Foggo- King

Parents- John and Shelia Foggo

Adeline Marie Blalock- Page

Parents- Tim and Liz Blalock

Anna Grace DePaula- Page

Parents- Robert and Amy DePaula 

Jett Noland Biglane- Page

Parents- Patrick and Melinda Biglane 

Conor Jacob Hardy- Page

Parents- Andrell and Neifa Hardy 

Abigail Elizabeth “Abby” Brown

Parents- Walt and Lashon Brown 

Grayson Elizabeth Bryant

Parents- Tom and Priss Bryant

Natalie McEvers Fletcher 

Parents- Mac and Julie Fletcher 

Emma Nicole Hogue

Parents- Dennis and Suzan Hogue

Emily Dawson Hootsell

Parents- Finley and Regina Hootsell

Joanna Marjorie Johnson

Parent- Valerie Meng

Martin Surget Moore Boggess

Parents- Douglas and Katherine Boggess

Christopher John Diaz

Parents- Michael and Lee Anne Diaz

Joshua Nathanial Hargon

Parents- Joe and Lisa Willis

Landon Hunt Havard

Parents- David and Alicia Havard 

Donald Conerly “Conner” Branton

Parents- Mr. Donald W. Branton

                                              Mr. and Mrs. Woody Townsend  (Jenny)

Bill Loyed “Beau” Stahlman Jr.

Parents- Bill and Robin Stahlman