The Natchez Garden Club, working hand in hand with our non-profit sister organization the Preservation Society of Ellicott’s Hill, is committed to the restoration, preservation and maintenance of our significant historic properties.

Our most recent project, 2016-2019, involved the restoration of the exterior of Magnolia Hall to its original brownstone façade. Through generous contributions from our club and community, and through a grant from Mississippi Department of Archives and History, we were able to transform the stately home back to the original paint scheme envisioned by the builder, Mr. Thomas Henderson, in 1858.

The process began with a historical paint analysis. Painstaking effort went into taking samples through many layers of existing finishes down to the original paint colors. Samples were taken from numerous areas of the exterior stucco, shutters, doors, columns and galleries and were analyzed to determine the specific paint formulas used in the original construction.